Who we are

Τhe Beginning

It was in 2005 when Alexandros Panopoulos, fascinated by the taste of bread we were eating in our childhood, decided to create a pastry shop based on the “Firewood Oven'. Our now well-known wood-fired oven soon became a point of reference throughout Thessaloniki.
Good bread takes time & patience, and the purpose for us, from the very beginning, has been to give consumers the best, when at the same time most of the others are just offering the cheapest options.
Breads with fermentation that takes hours, sweets made with love by our confectioners and attention to the coffee blend, these were the basic elements that led us from the very first workshop in the area of Harilaou to the current structure of Melirritos, with 4 stores, which now provide home delivery and catering services, in addition to the two delicatessen grocery stores in Thermi and Panorama.

Our Mentality

What makes us stand out? The things you can do to distinguish from the rest are not numerous but, unfortunately, they are not always a matter of course.
The persistence to fresh, first-quality ingredients, for example, is something you naturally have or not. Insisting on finding fruits and vegetables that will have the same quality throughout the year & devoting hours to do so, it is a very important bet that we are willing to lose.
The consistency in the quality of products that come out of our production means that you can find here, every single day of the year, all the flavors that we made you love!
The fact that our team is bonded, with everyone who makes it up serving you in the best possible way, is not something easy. But what is hard, needs time & effort in the making in order to come true. Because doing what makes you happy gives another meaning in your days. We offer you our smiles because getting yours back is a reward. And this is something we will continue to try for.
Because this is our mentality!