Grocery Store

When you choose the best for your customer, the result is to gain their trust!
Three times a week we go to the Central Vegetable Market of Thessaloniki and search thoroughly among all the suppliers, so that we can find the best ones and bring their products to the Melirrito stores so that you can taste them. But this is not the only thing we do..
We work with small estates and small producers supporting the local market and finding the most delicious grocery products.
What are the characteristics we are looking for?
To be healthy, from reliable suppliers, with constant high quality - if possible all year round-, delicious and of course at value for money prices, so that not only you will eat the best but you can do so often! And of course for any special order our people are here!
Ask the person who serves you at the store in Thermi (main street) or Panorama for the fruit or vegetable you want and if it is available in the market, it will soon be in your kitchen! So simple!